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پارسیان هلدینگ...

حامی جوانان و نخبگان در راستای تبدیل علم به صنعت



With the long background of producing of knowledge and industry in the world



The center of civilized knowledge and industry in country


Parsian Holding, the first Holding company in support of young experts in the line of linking the science and industry to each other

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Websites of the companies under cover of Parsian Holding


The knowledge-based Gostaresh Tajhiz Daghigh Kian Company does search and develop technical knowledge in oil, gas, petrochemical, material equipment in variety industry with relying on the knowledge and expertise of the local labor force in the country started its activity and has achieved most success. 
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The knowledge-based Behta Roghan Ravan Pasargad company with expert staff has begun work of producing, imports and exports of industrial oils, lubricant oils and derivatives of oils and knowledge technical design related to oil, gas, petrochemical, catalyst, material, energy, water and wastewater, also, remove of pollutant of these industries..
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The knowledge-based Zist Baspar Kian company activates with the aim of study, research, produce and refine in the field of water-based polymers and chemicals, which are related to the oil, gas, petrochemistry, soil & water, agriculture and environment industry.


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Kimia solar Espadana

  The kimia solar company is created with the aim of research and development of sustainable energies and the smart photovoltaic, electrochromic and electrochemical devices, OLEDs and Solar cells and solar panels.
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Borna Shekar Sabz Pasargad

The research project of this group is on the basis of improvement of the basic ingredients of food such as sweeteners for producing different kinds of food products. In this regard, the company extracted the natural sweeteners that doesn’t have carbohydrate as well as calorie and used them for producing various kinds of food products..
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Parto Faam Kian

This company has started to work with the goal of research and produce in the field of paints, resins, epoxy, adhesives and composites based on the most-talented experts in the country..
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Parsian Base Refinment Co.

Palayesh payeh parsian company established in 2012 and aims to creation refineries and petrochemical refining private, semi-private and governmental in the country and with relying on the knowledge and expertise of the local labor force started its activity in gas, petrochemical and oil and has achieved most success. Of such projects are production base oil from lubcut and the production methanol from methane.

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New thinking planers

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pishgaman no andish group

  The center of consulting in logo , industrial concept and patent registration in the Iran/Word intelectual property organization and wipo
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consists of experts in chemistry and material science that merchandising chemicals and lab equipments.
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Making and producing the lab equipments

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Latest patents registered by Parsian Holding

Our services:

Our aim is growing the knowledge in the industrial level.

Scientific consulting

Consist of expert team of professors and genius people of the country

Designing the equipments

Design and make the various kind of equipments in different fields


Investing in the scientific-industrial fields for the turning the science to the industry



-Transforming the lube cut to base oil  (base oil)


One-step Transforming of methane to Methanol

in the ambient condition

One-step desulfurization of gas and biogas   

in the ambient condition

The nanocomposite coating of iron plate

which is resistance under hit, pressure and corrosion in the high acidic and basic environments

Improving the basic food ingredients

such as sweeteners for producing various kinds of food products.

Manufacturing the specific lab devices